"Only With Love and Courage Can We Make a Better Tomorrow." 

Only October 11th and 13th left for Early Poll Dates at the Sackville Hill senior Center. 

I will be offering rides to and from 

your polling station !

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With the rising cost of living, were in a time of where single income families are unable to maintain healthy financial household, people are living paycheck to paycheck and are not able to spend time with their families . We as a city need to work together and help our neighbours, family and friends.

By offering affordable childcare available to everyone, not just subsidized for a handful, affordable public transit, and building more greens spaces that encourages health and family time.

Benny Fitz

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We are seeing large Rental Corporations buying up our affordable housing and turning them into posh living units. This is causing rent to be unaffordable, with Some of these units prices being increased by over 200% plus, or being sold off as condos, recently a large company in Hamilton has applied to the city to convert 20 of there buildings into condominiums. 

We need to remember the people that live here. We built these companies up over the years by renting from them, now they want to screw us for the mighty dollar. We demand affordable housing, clean housing, safe housing.

Tess Timonial

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As a Licensee with The Law Society of Ontario, I have worked with many individuals facing homelessness, or forced to live in unlivable conditions, infested with bugs, mold, no plumbing or lack of heat. 

As a city, we need to focus on the landlord, and to ensure they are  maintaining their property at the same level that we would want to live in, as well, if we held each agency responsible for what they were designed to do, and forced yearly inspections upon all rental units, our neighbourhoods would improve, and crime rate would decrease..

Hugh Canduit

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